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Carloway mill is one of three working Harris Tweed textile mills in the world which produces the renowned Harris Tweed fabric.

Harris Tweed is handwoven on traditional  single and the newer double width looms by the islanders in their homes in the Outer Hebrides. Made from pure virgin wool, dyed, spun and finished at the mills in the Outer Hebrides.

Harris Tweed  is then stamped with its distinctive Orb trademark, a safeguard, and guarantee that ensures the authenticity and traceability of the Tweed.  Harris Tweed is protected by the 1993 Harris Tweed Act of Parliament and overseen by The Harris Tweed Authority who are  the Guardians of the Orb.

The Mill is situated in the quiet and peaceful village of Garenin, Carloway on the west side of the Isle of Lewis.
The Carloway Mill is the smallest mill and is proud to employ a multi-talented workforce of around 30, whose artisan skills and creative abilities are of an exceptionally high quality, which in turn allows the Mill with traditional craft machinery dating  as far back as 1892,  to produce individualistic and bespoke Harris Tweed cloth of the very highest standards and quality.

The traditional Gaelic language can often be heard spoken in the soft island lilt throughout the mill.  These combinations add to the flavour of a unique culture, language and heritage of the Tweed industry.

We welcome you to visit our Mill and hope that you will enjoy this initial introduction and find it to be a rewarding experience.

Our  final beautiful  unique Harris Tweed can be made professionally into a myriad of outstanding  products such as apparel, interior, accessories, luggage or soft furnishings.

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