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Traditional Machinery still used at Carloway Mill

The Carloway Mill

Situated in the village of Garenin, the Carloway Mill sits amid the rugged unspoilt landscape with a view of the Atlantic, a mill where heritage, language, culture and tradition meet to make beautiful bespoke Harris Tweed.

The Carloway Mill is one of only 3 Harris Tweed Mills in the world.

Yarn used in the manufacture of Harris Tweed must be 100% virgin wool. Our yarn’s depth of tone is achieved by mixing between 2 and 8 individually dyed colours, these mixes are created following tried and tested recipes for each colour of yarn. The mix is then carded and spun.

Following a bespoke pattern, the yarn is warped onto a beam for the double width Griffiths loom, and hand warped for the single width traditional Hattersley (McArt) loom. Tweeds are hand made in the traditional manner, at home by island weavers, this is a requirement to obtain the Orb Trademark. Each tweed is woven with great care and attention to detail and each pattern is unique.

Woven tweed is brought back to the mill and inspected by the mill darners, it is then washed and milled using machines which were built in 1892 and are still going strong. Once dried, cropped and blown it is ready for inspection by the Harris Tweed Authority, only
then may the cloth be stamped with the famous Orb Trademark and called Harris Tweed.