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The Weavers of Harris Tweed

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How Harris Tweed is made

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Harris Tweed

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'Clo Mhor'

Harris Tweed

'The big cloth'

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Harris Tweed Stock available.

Contact The Carloway Mill for up to date information on designs and colours.

Make it the perfect gift for your crafter friends and family.

The provenance and heritage of The Carloway Mill dates back many centuries to the BlackHouse hand loom weavers of the Isle of Lewis and Harris who sheared their wool from the local Cheviot sheep, artisan textile men carded and spun their yarn, hand wove their cloth, and hand finished by washing and cleaning the tweeds in local rivers, primarily for the local market.

It was in 1846, when Lady Dunmore developed The Murray of Atholl Tartan in Harris tweed , and then began to market the cloth globally , that The Harris Tweed Industry really started to establish itself.

At the peak of production in 1966, the Outer Hebrides employed 1,200 hand loom weavers who produced over 7,000,000 metres of Harris Tweed cloth annually.

The Carloway Mill is situated on the outskirts of the charming village of Carloway on the west coast of The Isle of Lewis , overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and a mile from the original, traditional BlackHouse weaving cottages .

Whilst The Carloway Mill is the smallest of the three existing Harris Tweed textile mills,it is proud and priveleged to have a workforce whose artisan skills and creative abilities are of an exceptional level, allowing the Mill , with its traditional craft machinery, to produce unique, individualistic and bespoke Harris Tweed cloth of the very highest quality , to the very highest standards.

The Mill has a mix of textile machinery of different ages with one of our carding machines dating from 1906, but like a vintage car , it has quality and style , producing outstanding yarns from top quality Cheviot fleeces.

The finishing machinery is unique and exclusive to The Carloway Mill, it is wooden, and creates a gentler and softer milling motion to the Harris Tweed cloth, than the more modern stainless steel machinery.

It is not only machinery and skills that are unique to The Carloway Mill , the cloths are very special too, and consequently , the products produced from Carloway Harris Tweed is outstanding, be it apparel, interiors, accessories, luggage or soft furnishings.


Nature friendly and eco-sustainable Carloway Harris Tweed - from The Western Isles of Scotland.



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